Why wait to get your computer back from the repair shop? Why pay more and lug your computer to retail outlets for repair? Why wait for service and why pay travel fees?

Using remote support technology, we can instantly connect to your computer or server and perform repairs, upgrades, configurations, and maintenance services.  It is a fact that most all computer problems are software related, which means that in almost all cases we don’t need to physically “touch” your machine. With remote technology, we can diagnose and resolve problems faster and less costly than on-site service.  If on-site service is required, we will dispatch a technician to your organization.

Some of the remote repair services we provide include:

  • Hardware Issues / Driver/ Errors/ etc.
  • Fine Tuning / Performance Tune Ups
  • Computer Runs Slow Often Crashing / Hanging
  • Updating Your Computer / Regular Maintenance
  • Checking your PC for Viruses / Trojans / Backdoors
  • Benchmarking your PC / Check Performance
  • Tracing Malicious Hacker Attempts
  • New Hardware Assistance on Setup
  • Hardware and Software Diagnostics
  • Help you backup files