The Backup and Security of data is critical, yet many organizations don’t have a clue what is being backed up, when it’s being backed up and where it’s being backed up to.  Don’t be the one that learns “the hard way.”  If you’re asking yourself “I wonder if my data is safe and secure,” then simply pick up the phone and call now.  Working with you, we will develop an effective backup solution tailored to your business needs.  While one organization may need to simply put a nightly backup plan into action, others may need a combination of real time backups, nightly backups, image backups and off-site backups.  Image backups are a complete image of your system that can quickly and easily be restored allowing for minimal down time.  No need to reinstall and reconfigure everything, as the image can be used to restore your system to the last known good state.  Off-site backup storage has become more affordable and thus, many businesses have chosen to use our off-site backup solution.  Your data is encrypted and sent over the internet to a secure data housing facility.  Even though it’s off-site, with a few clicks of the mouse your data can be restored to your system in a matter of minutes.

Once a backup solution in place, how do you know that you can restore your data?  Testing the ability to restore data is another frequently overlooked step.  As part of our proactive service plans, we restore data to make sure that the complete backup and restoration process works as expected, giving you a piece of mind and a good nights rest.

Data Security is another very important facet of your organizations overall ability to prevent disasters and possible law suits due to data being stolen or deleted.  Ask yourself “how do I know my data is safe from hackers, disgruntled employees or simple user error”.  To protect you, we put technology to good use by locking down your systems to whatever level is necessary.  Limiting what data users have access to and who can remotely access your systems are all policies that must be put into place.  Firewalls, virus protection and spyware protection are no longer options to be debated; they are part of the solution.