The PC Link provides computer and network sales and service in the Metro Atlanta Area. Since opening in 1995 we have focused primarily on servicing the computer and networking needs of small to medium sized businesses, home office environments and individuals. We can help you on an as-needed basis or you can sign up for one of our proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance plans to help minimize system downtime and maximize system performance. We are dedicated to providing customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Be sure to check out our customer reviews.


We don’t speak Geek. We speak plain English in terms that anyone can understand. We would appreciate the chance to earn your business. We promise you will always be treated fairly and any suggestions and decisions will be made with your best interest in mind. It’s based on what is right for you not what is right for us. Since 1995 we have always worked that way and continue to gain new client’s through referrals and by word of mouth by being knowledgeable and treating people the right way.

Below we have put together a list of questions for you to ask yourself. If any of them apply to you or if you are unsure about some of them then it is likely a good time to call us. Calling us is free and there are no high pressure sales tactics. If you just want to get a conversation started and then call us back when you are ready to proceed then that works fine with us. We won’t keep calling and bugging you. We will only call you back if you ask us to follow up with you.

  1. Would it benefit me to establish a relationship with a reliable computer and network technician, one that would be available to come out on-site to my place or to connect to me remotely in order to get my devices up and running quickly?
  2. Does my computer run slow? Would a computer tune-up and clean-up make it perform faster and run with less error messages?
  3. Do I have the latest updates on my computer to help secure it from the ever-evolving hacking techniques and the newest virus, malware and spyware threats?
  4. Is all of my data backed up? How do I know if it is? Do I know how to restore it and how do I know that the restore process actually works?
  5. Do I have Anti-Virus protection installed on my computer? How do I know if it is working, up to date and not expired?
  6. Should I have a wireless router or access point so I can connect to the Internet from anywhere on my premises? If so, how do I know if it is secure and working at peak performance?
  7. Should I have a wireless printer installed so I can print from anywhere on my premises?
  8. Should I upgrade Windows to the newest version? How do I know if my version of Windows is still supported?
  9. Could I benefit from networking two or more of my computers together in order to share my data and printers?
  10. Is it time to replace my computer? Is it running slow and giving me problems simply because it is old and slow? Would it make more sense to replace it and have a technician get my programs and data moved to a new computer rather than spending time and money on my old computer?