Hudnall, Cohn, Fyvolent, & Shaver, P.C. 
This firm has maintained a pleasant and long lasting eleven- year relationship with The PC Link.  This has allowed their staff to become very familiar with our personnel and business needs.  A memory that stands out to me is from April of 1998 when one of our offices was damaged by a tornado.  Fortunately the server and computers were left undamaged.  Mike Markos moved the equipment to our main office and setup a mini-network to keep us up and running.  The following weekend Mike moved the equipment to a temporary office and we were up and running on Monday morning with no downtime.  We all felt that Mike went above and beyond any normal business response by keeping our firms interest a priority. We have taken great comfort in knowing that our computer needs and requirements are in the hands of a company that we trust and respect.  I would not hesitate to refer business to Mike Markos and his staff at The PC Link.
Sharon Petitjean

Jim Warren, CPA
The PC Link, Inc. has provided all of our computer and networking services for the past fifteen years.  They have always been honest and trustworthy and have provided excellent service.  We were on a Novell NetWare server for many years.  When it was time to upgrade the server we decided to convert to a Microsoft Windows Server.  We were nervous about the change but The PC Link  made the conversion Pain Free. The PC Link has made many recommendations over the years and have never tried to sell us services and products beyond our needs.  We have always had a very pleasant relationship.
Jim Warren, James E. Warren, CPA, P.C.

Norsouth Corporation
Norsouth has used The PC Link, Inc for over ten years for our network implementation, including service and support.  We have always received prompt and courteous service from them.  The PC Link has been instrumental in keeping our office network running smoothly, as well as our thirty six satellite offices. The PC Link has become a part of our extended family over the years and we’ve always felt they had our interest as a priority.  They have been able to offer solutions and provide us with the pros and cons of each, allowing us to make informed decisions about our computer needs.  When limited resources are available, The PC Link has offered creative solutions that fit within our budget. The PC Link has always worked with us in a proactive way that successfully decreased the number of service calls and down time.
Francine Knox, Norsouth Companies

The Dillon Law Firm, P.C.
The PC Link, Inc. has always made us feel that we matter as a customer.  Over the last ten years of doing business with The PC Link we have always received a quick response to questions and IT related issues.  Their wealth of knowledge has allowed them to resolve all of our computer and networking related issues. In order to land what turned out to be our most profitable account we were required to pass a network security audit.   The PC Link was sure to put the proper technology and documentation into place and were On-site when the audit took place to assure there were no problems.  They have taken a proactive approach with our software and hardware needs rather than a reactive one.  They have put measures into place to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.
Christy Dillon, The Dillon Law Firm, P.C.